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ICP-3000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer
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ICP-3000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer
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ICP-3000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer is powerful simultaneous full—spectrum direct-reading spectrometer designed to trace elemental analysis in various samples with excellent analytical precision and accuracy. ICP2060 has wide wavelength range of 190nm to 800nm with 2400 line grating. The instrument features superb optical system, full automation as well as powerful analysis software with auto-matching.

-Advanced CID detector and Full-frame Imaging entire ICP-OES spectrum can be analyzed(165-900 nm)
-Fast analysis, analyzing 5-8 elements per minute
-Intuitive Software controls all parts of the instrument
-Fast auto-matching
-Automatic cooling water system

Application Fields
-Metallurgical industry: analyze As, Bi, Pb, Sb, Sn and other elements
-Geological mineral industry: analyze Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Au, Ag and other elements in the rock samples
-Biological and chemical industries
-Petrochemical and metallurgic industries: Analysis of 30+ elements in crude oils- Fe, Na, Mg, Ni, V, Ca, Pb, Mo, Mn, Cr, Co, Ba, As, etc.
-Pharmaceutical, Health and Food safety

Technical Specifications
Detector Specifications:
-Detector Type: Charge injection detector (CID)
-Pixel Size: 27 x 27, Random Access Integration (RAI)
-Read mode: Full frame readout (FF), Random Access Integration (RAI) with non-destructive read (NDRO)
-Linear dynamic range 10^8
-Wavelength response range: 165nm-1000nm
-Quantum efficiency: No coating-up to 35% within 200nm UV region
-Detector Cooling: High efficiency triple stage thermoelectric cooling device maintains the detector at -45 C
RF Generator:
-Input/Output Power: AC 220V-input, 20A 700-1600W-output
-Stability: Frequency -than less 0.05%, output power-<0.1%>
-Accuracy: 2W
Working Frequency: 27.12MHz
Spectrometer Specifications:
-Grating: 52.67 Ip/mm, 64°blaze angle, Zerodur® substrate (produced by SCHOTT-Germany) with near zero thermal expansion coefficient
-Prism: Ultra-pure Corning UV fused silica, transmittance 99.6% at 170nm.
-Wavelength range: standard 175nm-900nm, optional DUV optical components extend wavelength range to 165nm 900nm
-Focal Length: 430 mm
-Resolution: 0.0068nm@200nm
-Optical Chamber: Precise thermostat 35±0.1 C; N purge: normal purge 2L/min, fast purge 4L/min
-Stray light: Equivalent background concentration of 10000ppmCa solution
Other Specifications:
-Analysis Speed: Single CID readout time- 2ms, analysis for all elements can be achieved within one minute
-Detection Limits: 1ppb-10ppb for most elements
-Stability: relative standard deviation RSD <0.5% (<1% within 2 Hours)
-Size: 130cm x 84cm x 74cm

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